Free VPN for Windows

Looking for a free VPN for Windows ? which helps you to keep your computer, Laptop, or windows mobile safe? If Yes! then you should read this whole post where we discover the best Free VPN for Windows 10,8,7 and Laptop which base on reliable reviews and pass all speed tests and is secure for online browsing.

free vpn for windows

Nowadays VPNs are going to be very popular because of Cybercriminals and online fraudsters. Even if you really want to keep yourself private while you are online then VPN is very important for you. Without VPN online privacy is not possible. But there are still many people who prefer free VPN for PC as compared to paid. Most of them cannot spend extra money on their online privacy but they really want online protection free. And privacy is the right of every single internet user although he can afford it or not.

However, you can find many VPN providers that provide free VPN services for Windows to everyone but choosing a correct VPN is not a very simple task. Because nowadays thousand of VPNs are available but most of them are not reliable and safe to use. That’s why we tried to put a full guide in this post which is all based on your basic needs and free unlimited VPN for Windows.

What is the best free VPN for Windows?

In this post, we will explain to you about every free VPN for windows in detail. But if you want a quick review, here is the list of best free VPN for windows that are 100% reliable and secure to use on PC, Windows 10,8,7, XP, Vista, and Mac. Check the list below.

  • Proton VPN: Provide you private and secure internet access for free without paying a single cent.
  • TunnelBear: Absolutely free VPN which allows you to browse the web more safely and securely.
  • Betternet: Trusted VPN by millions and free to use.
  • Provide you online freedom for free.
  • SurfEasy: Powerful VPN which saves money.
  • Hola VPN: Free VPN runs on all devices and unblocks most websites globally.
  • Hotspot Shield: The most secure VPN service comes with blazing fast speed and a free version as well.

How to choose the free VPN for Windows

Before selecting a free VPN for Windows we focus only on a few things that every best VPN must have. Because VPN is basically introduced for online privacy and security, so before downloading any free or paid VPN you have to check its privacy policies. And is those VPNs have the ability to unblock geo-restricted content and bypass censorship globally.

They also have to offer at least stable speed, because we cannot expect blazing fast speed from all free VPNs because they already providing so many features for free. But no need to worry in this put a guide on those free VPNs which will provide you blazing fast speed in limited data. So before downloading free VPN for Windows,7, 8, 8.1,10, and XP you must check:

  • Strong Security
  • Zero Log
  • Simple to use
  • Access to geo-restricted content
  • Good Speed

Now follow the Free VPN for Windows list below and enjoy privacy and anonymous browsing on your Windows PC for free.

Free VPN for Windows 10 PC:

free vpn for windows 10 pc

ProtonVPN for Windows:

Looking for free VPN for your Windows PC then download ProtonVPN for Windows 10 now and get private internet access on your Windows PC. ProtonVPN is specially designed for security purpose and they never compromise on user security. They never show your real IP because they have stronger privacy rules and are not a member of the fourteen eyes surveillance network. It means you are 100% safe and secure from the third party even Proton provider cannot see your online activities. Because it’s a no-log VPN service and does not record any online activity or record of their users.

Furthermore, this VPN offered strong data encryption and protocols which means your internet traffic is encrypted and cannot be misused later. They have an amazing free plan for its users and if you want more premium features for your device then you can go with its affordable paid plans. Otherwise, the free version is also not a bad option for secure browsing. You can download Proton VPN for Windows 7,8,10, XP directs from its official website.

TunnelBear for Windows:

TunnelBear is another more secure VPN that allows you to browse websites safely and securely. This app is specially designed for all devices and is very easy to use. It helps to stop hackers from stealing your personal data and lets you use public WiFI in a completely secure environment. You also have access to all restricted content because TunnelBear will change your virtual location automatically, so you can reach any country content easily although it’s blocked in your region.

Now you can bypass censorship from anywhere in the world and unblock whatever you want for free with TunnelBear. Now your privacy is in a safe hand and no one can see what you are doing online and you will be completely hidden from internet providers and network owners as well. It also provides you fast speed and prevents speed throttling as well. They offered unlimited servers in 22 countries, so switch your device to any of your favorite servers easily. You can download TunnelBear for Windows 7,8,10 and XP free of cost. Once you are able to connect to TnnelBear, it will quietly keep your data safe in the background.

Betternet VPN for Windows:

Betternet VPN for Windows 10 is also one of the best free VPN which trusted by million users. You can use Betternet VPN for safe and secure internet access. This VPN will protect you from all types of malware and cybercriminals. Now you can use the internet without scams because Betternet fights against hackers and online criminals. This VPN will encrypt your internet connection which helps you to browse the web anonymously.

Your online activities will be hidden from third internet providers and you can watch anything with safety. Betternet is a great choice for all those users, who cannot pay enough money for a VPN. Thi VPN is available for every platform and you can connect without any registration. Just download Betternet VPN for Windows 10, 8,8.1,7, and XP now and connect with a single tap. for Windows: is also another world’s fastest free VPN for Windows which lets you enjoy the internet with freedom. They have an advanced security tool that encrypts user data and protects internet connection as well. Now you browse a website from public WiFi safely and securely. They will hide your real IP from the third party, so no one can track your location and you can enjoy the internet in a safe and secure environment. they also help you to save your online activities from internet providers and network owners.

Furthermore can bypass censorship with VPN and unblock any restricted content globally. VPN for windows 7 gives you full liberty on the internet no matter from which region you are using. Simple to use VPN comes with zero log and 1400servers in 57 locations. You can use hide. me all premium services for free with 30 days money-back guarantee. Otherwise, the free version offers 2GB Data transfer with 1 simultaneous connection and 5 worldwide locations.

Surfeasy VPN for Windows:

SurfEasy VPN is a no-log VPN and free VPN for Windows and Mac. They offered 1000 server in 28 countries. So you can block any website and restricted content from any region by changing your virtual location. If you are tired of the different advertisers, so now stop them with its Ad Tracker Blocker feature and stop them to follow you online. Another great feature of this VPN is you can enjoy Torrent safely and securely. It provides you ultra-fast downloading speed and hides your information as well. SurfEasy free version 500MB free data and use one account on 5 devices simultaneously. it’s available for all devices, so download Surfeasy VPN for Windows 7,8,8.1,10, and XP now.

Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows :

Hotspot Shield is one of the fastest free VPN for Windows and Mac. This free VPN gives you access to all types of restricted content with military-grade encryption. They will provide you strong internet connection and enjoy gaming services and streaming with blazing fast speed. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows 7 protect your device from all type of malware, virus, and scams.

Once you connect to Hotspot Shield you will feel safe and secure while you are online. It will prevent bandwidth throttling and mask your original IP address. So no one can trace your location and you can enjoy online surfing hiddenly. If you want to use a VPN for casual use then Hotspot Shield free version is best for you. Because its free version has military-grade encryption for all its users and you will have access to your favorite content for free. For its more premium feature, you can go with a paid version.

Hola VPN for Windows:

Hola VPN is the last VPN on our list which is absolutely free VPN for Windows. This VPN will change your whole browsing experience and let you enjoy the internet in a safe environment with a P2P connection. You can bypass censorship and access to all websites and apps free of cost. they offer unlimited fast speed to its user with unlimited bandwidth. So you can enjoy its fast speed without any restrictions. Its free version unblocks most websites from many countries. And offered strong security on both free and paid versions. You can download Hola VPN for Windows 10, 8, 8.1,7 and XP for free.

Free VPN for Windows 10:

As you are looking for a free VPN for Windows 10, let us clear you all the above VPNs absolutely work on Windows 10 and provide you all features as described. Windows 10 is a new operating system that may not support all VPNs or you have to face different downloading issues. But above the VPN list will 100% download on your Windows 10 and allow you to save your device from all types of threats and online criminals. Once you are able to download the above VPN on your Windows 10 PC, your all personal data will be safe and secure from hackers, fraudsters, internet providers,s and online scammers.

Free VPN for Windows 7:

Windows 7 PC is an old operating system that does not support all VPNs. The above VPN list is available for remote access in windows 7. Many Windows 7 user claims that VPN does not work with their PC, so if you face any issue while connecting to VPN on Windows 7, you can contact to VPN provider and ask them for help. Above VPNs have great customer support, so they will solve your all issues related to VPNs as fast as they can.

Learn About Free VPN for Windows

Here, We are going to provide you simple and easy information which help you to find out fastest VPN with ease.

What is VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network especially designed for online freedom. This software helps online users to protect sensitive data from hackers and keep them safe from losing identity. Virtual Private Network creates a secure tunnel between your device and VPN server which secures your network.

Why VPNs are used for?

  • VPNs are used for online privacy.
  • Unblock restricted content.
  • Keep you safe on public WiFi.
  • Bypass internet censorship by the government.
  • Uploading torrent files securely.
  • Hide your original identity from online theives.
  • Let you enjoy safe and secure online shopping.
  • Keep your home or office internet safe and secure from all coming threats.

Are VPNs safe to use?

VPNs work for your devices as security guards which keeps you safe from all types of data hackers and online theft. But the question is VPN safe to use? Yes! multiple VPNs are safe and secure to use but on the other side, you can find many dangerous VPNs as well.

So be aware before using any VPN service on your device. Because the dangerous VPN can put you at risk of malware or hack your data, and much more.

How to unblock websites, apps, and restricted content?

There are different ways to unblock your required content with ease.

  • Use the Tor
  • Use the best VPN
  • Google Cache
  • Change the Network proxy
  • Use an RSS Feed
  • Use Web Proxy
  • Use an IP address

Best VPN services for 2021


Here is the list of best VPN services that work great in 2021.
  • Cyber Ghost easy to use VPN
  • Express VPN all-time best to use
  • Nord VPN is the best alternate of any paid VPN
  • IP Vanish is best for streaming content
  • Surfshark is really worthy VPN to use on any device.